Worship or idolatry?

Worship or idolatry?

“What the heart loves, the will chooses, and the mind justifies”

– Thomas Cranmer

This simple statement, if we consider it, will either lead us to greater worship of the Lord and obedience to his Word or it will make us aware of our idolatry and leave us without excuse.  In the first option, we will see our propensity for loving things other than God and be repentant. After which we will refocus our love on the Lord and receive His love for us.  This leads to our sanctification and living as a true disciple.  In the second option, our sin will be laid bare before us, but due tot he hardness of our hearts, we will choose to excuse our sin and press into continued and greater idolatry, denying the Lord who made us and ultimately experiencing the wrath of God as Romans 1:18ff declares.


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