A.W. Pink on the state of our government?

A.W. Pink on the state of our government?

Image result for aw pinkThese words written in September 1942 by A.W. Pink, a calvinistic baptist preacher from
the last century, might be worth remembering and reflecting upon:

“But when error comes into the churches and discipline is relaxed, the Spirit is grieved and His power is withheld, and the evileffects of this become more and more apparent in the country by a rising tide of lawlessness. If the churches persist in a downwardcourse, then the Spirit is quenched and “Ichabod” is written over them, as is the case today. Then it is that the restraining hand of God is removed, and an orgy of licentiousness comes in. Then it is the government becomes an empty title, for those in power have no power except what the people have delegated to them, and therefore they act in accord with the depraved desires of the masses.  This, then, is ever the order—turning from the true God, turning to false gods, and then the disturbance of the peace—either social revolution or international war.”

Originally appeared in Pink’s Studies in the Scripture, September 1942, p11.
The Full collection of these studies as they relate to the Life of Elijah can be viewed here.


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