A follow up thought from Sunday’s message

A follow up thought from Sunday’s message

I ran across this quote today during my devotions.  There is a stirring story behind the quote about a Nigerian woman whose husband was killed after Shariah law was declared.  Suffering, hardship and pain were her lot.  But this quote gives us hope.  Let it encourage you today.

It has been said God will never lead us where his grace cannot keep us. We must realize that sometimes his plan does not include a miraculous deliverance from illness, death, or oppression. Yet his grace is sufficient, and he has not abandoned us. We must trust that God would not lead us to a place of ministry or work without an adequate measure of his grace to make it. Sometimes his plan involves simply seeing us through an ordeal instead of delivering us from it. Have you come to a point where you are willing to entirely rely on him? You’ll likely never say that God’s grace is all you need until his grace is all you have. 
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