Look to the Cross

From Extreme Devotion.

December 08: Extreme Smugglers NORTH KOREA: KIK

For, as I have often told you before and now say again even with tears, many live as enemies of the cross of Christ. Philippians 3:18

“Look for the cross,” the young Korean man named Kik heard a villager say.

Word spread to those who escaped from North Korea into China that they should look for a building with a cross. He finally found one, and with it, food and clothing. He also found a new relationship with Jesus Christ. The church members discipled Kik for three months. But Kik knew he must return to North Korea to tell others about Jesus. Kik and another young believer were given five Bibles and food for their journey. However, border guards captured them just after they made it across the river back into North Korea. The guards discovered the Bibles that Kik’s friend was carrying. The guard then beat Kik’s friend to death with an iron rod. Then they turned on Kik, but he managed to escape. After several months, he began to share Christ with others and started an underground church in North Korea. Before long, Kik realized he needed more Bibles for the rapidly growing number of believers. He remembered how his friend had given up his life trying to bring the Word of God back to their homeland. When Kik decided to return to China for more Bibles, the believers were very anxious for his safety. Kik remembered the advice given to him some time ago. He simply replied, “Just look to the cross.”

The cross is controversial. Many people will talk about religion, but the cross makes them uncomfortable and even offends them. Kik was told to look to the cross for security. However, Kik did not realize his enemies were looking for the same sign and with good reason. They knew that Christians rally under the sign of the cross. Since they opposed Christianity, the cross became their enemy. Our spiritual enemy looks upon the cross with fervent disgust, fear, and hatred. Are you looking to the cross with the same intensity expressed in joy, hope, and gratitude? Your enemy is squarely fixed on the cross—as an enemy planning an attack. Are you equally focused on protecting, serving, and loving the cross?

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