C.S. Lewis on Three ways we hinder our Christian Maturity

C.S. Lewis on Three ways we hinder our Christian Maturity

I have been doing some reading on C.S. Lewis in preparation for a class I hope to take in January. Along the way, I have amassed countless nuggets of wisdom but I will only provide you three today. The first has to do with our christian maturation and how we hinder it, the second with what it means to prepare your life for hell and the third is a challenge to the common place idea in churches that we just want to be decent people. We would all do well to consider these three nuggets:

1. “Christians often reject present blessings from god simply because they have filled their minds with the image of some past splendid experience with God, and thus leave no room for Him to give them a newer and perhaps even richer experience…to expect a mere repetition from an infinite God…is to frustrate God’s plan for the maturation of Christian experience.” (189)

2. “Hell is inhabited by those who through thousands of little daily acts have elevated self above God.” (182)

3. “God will not allow you to take the attitude, “I never expected to be a saint, I only wanted to be a decent ordinary Chap.” (182)

All three quotations come from The Christian World of C.S. Lewis, Clyde S. Kilby (Eerdmans: Grand Rapids, 1964).


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