The means by which Prophets declare their message in the OT


  • Living parables – Ahijah declares his message to Jeroboam by tearing a robe into 12 pieces and giving 10 pieces to the north and 2 to the south (1Kin 11:29-32).
  • Fictional stories – Nathan weaves a story to convict David of his sin when he has Uriah killed (1Sam 12:1ff). An unnamed prophet does the same thing to Ahab for releasing Ben-Hadad (1Kin 20:35-43).
  • Sometimes with signs – Hezekiah to live by making the sun back up 10 steps (1Kin 20:1-11).
  • Speaking message or writing it down and sending it.
  • Clearly declaring “This is what the Lord says” (Isa 37:6), “This is the word of the Lord” (Isa 37:22), “the Lord says” (Jer 3:11), “declares the sovereign Lord” (Jer 2:3, 12, 19:22), “the word of the Lord” (Jer 2:31) or other such variations. There is no doubt that the message is a message from God in the mind of the prophet.


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