Bellingham’s reusable Grocery Bag dilemma

Bellingham’s reusable Grocery Bag dilemma

This is a repost of part of an article from the Cornwall Alliance.  It shows how our best intentions often have unintended consequences.  In this case our concern for protecting the environment may actually be exposing people to more illness.

Reusable Grocery Bags Can Help Spread Corona Virus, Now Banned in New Hampshire

The Cornwall Alliance has shared information for years about the dangers of reusable bags if you don’t wash them. This isn’t a new concept; here is an article in USA Today published in 2014 that discusses the germs often found in reusable bags, and this one came out in theBoston Herald yesterdayabout the limited lifting of restrictions on plastic bags in Boston.

This issue is something we should all be conscious of as we try to do our part to slow the spread of the coronavirus. This is especially important if you live in places like California where most people use reusable grocery bags.


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