Who’s the loudest is not who’s true!

Who’s the loudest is not who’s true!

If one is conscious of drawing one’s convictions from a solid, deep-rooted tradition, one inevitably has a sense of quiet assurance in one’s beliefs and a feeling that is the reverse of touchy defensiveness. If, on the other hand, one is bursting with notions which gush from sheer personal predilection operative outside the discipline of any tested tradition, one will naturally have a strong urge to advertise and justify them.  In other words, it is off-centre thinkers who tend to draw attention to themselves.”

Harry Blamires, The Christian Mind, ©1963, p128

What a fascinating quote to reflect upon in light of the various issues of our day – both in the church and outside of it.  Let it sink in, and then ask yourself the next time you are listening to news, reading a blog, or watching a video – Is this a deep rooted, solid tradition or a novelty that is trying to lead me to by feeling to a belief that is at its root untrue and precariously dangerous.


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