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How should we understand the book of Revelation?

RTS has done it again with a wonderful short video on how to understand Revelation.  This is of great import for those in the reformed tradition where dispensational theology, from big name teachers like Beth Moore and Kay Arthur, continues to infiltrate.  Here is a simple way to orient yourself to the book

What about those who have never heard about Jesus?

Have you heard that Question from someone you are sharing the gospel with?  Are you unsure how to answer?  I subscribe to a website called Christian Ministries International that puts out a daily post on apologetics and evangelism questions.  Today’s question comes from their site and below is their answer in a few brief talking points (The original post was here): Many people wrestle with the question of the eternal fate of those who’ve never heard the gospel of Jesus…

Four Approaches to Race, Politics, and Gender

Kevin DeYoung had a great way of looking at race, politics and gender in a way that may be more gracious than some of the other approaches of pigeon holing those we disagree with.  Highly encourage the read.  To whet your appetite, here is a sample table from his article using his four types of people and applying it to certain issues. Table 2 (Politics and Gender) Trump Christian Nationalism Wearing Masks Sexual Abuse Gender Roles Contrite No! The church’s…

The core issue in any addiction is with the Heart

Dr. Tripp nails the core issue with sexual sin, monetary sin, and I would add, any sin is with one’s relationship with God.  It is a heart issue.  Listen to this 4 minutes and be blessed. ⬆️ Your problem needs to be solved vertically before it'll ever be fixed horizontally. — Paul David Tripp (@PaulTripp) March 16, 2021  

How should Christians disagree with others? (Dr. Scott Redd, RTS)

Another great video from Reformed Theological Seminary: Is there anything we can affirm in the other’s position? Where is our common ground? Do I rightly understand their position?  Can I state their position in a way they would affirm is their position? There are times for public disagreement and there are times when disagreement should be private. You can watch the 4 minutes here:

Human Sexuality, The Scriptures and the CRC

What do the three things in this article’s title have in common?  At first glance, you might not think there is much in common.  We are used to isolating sexuality from religion and especially from the scriptures but this is unfortunate in so many ways.  God’s Word was given to us in order to enlighten our minds and lead us on the paths of righteousness (Ps 119).  And since we are by nature sexual beings, the Word of God speaks…

What does HiCC, Max Higbee, The Bellingham Lions and Whatcom Relief have in common?

Awareness of and access to the many outreach services available to those facing challenges in our community is needed now more than ever.   To that end, we are  teaming up with Bellingham Harborview Lions Club in presenting a virtual event, Whatcom Relief 2020, benefiting various local Whatcom County non-profits (501c3) as well as AFSP.   Donations to Whatcom Relief 2020  and our Little Library supporting the Max Higbee Center can be made here:   Each Tiny Library represents…

How should one decide if civil disobedience is appropriate?

While the Scriptures call all people to submit to the authorities that have been established (Rom. 13), should we submit to every direction they give?  Clearly the answer is no.  To mistakenly argue that we must is to commit the sin which the German Church of the 1930-40’s committed.  There are some governmental mandates which go in direct opposition to the teaching of Scripture, and when they do, the Church must stand in opposition. So how should one approach the…