02 A Healthy Church is Inwardly Healthy: Generosity, Community, Worshipful, Life Change (2Cor 9:10-15)

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Sermon outline

  1. A healthy Church Recap & Context
  2. God is the Great Provider and the Generous One (2Cor 9:10)
    1. God is the prime worker here. (Isa 55:10-11)
      1. Supply – is a technical term among the Greek philosophers
      2. Righteousness is the life of moral congruence with the Law of God
  3. Generosity is the Fruit of God’s giving to the Christian (2Cor 9:11)
  4. Community (2Cor 9:12)
    1. Ministry – is diaconal work
    2. Service is word we get liturgy from.  (Lk 1:23, Phil 2:17)
    3. Directed at the needs of the saints. (Lk 21:4)
    4. In v. 13 Paul talks about their contribution (Koinonias)
  5. Worship because of Care extended (2Cor 9:12-14)
    1. Many thanksgivings offered (v11-12)
    2. Glorifying of God (Rom 5:4, Phil 2:22)
    3. Long for and Pray for one another (v14)
  6. Life Changing (2Cor 9:15)
  7. Application (2Cor 9:7, Lk 6:38)



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