03 Healthy Churches are Outwardly Missional (Acts 1:6-8, Micah 6:9)

03 Healthy Churches are Outwardly Missional (Acts 1:6-8, Micah 6:9)

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Sermon outline

03 Healthy Churches are Outwardly Missional: Evangelism, Transforming Communities, Globally Engaged (Acts 1:6-8, Micah 6:9)

Churches without Outward Missions Die

    1. Church history is riddled with examples of churches that died as a result of not having an external focus

But Healthy Churches are Outwardly Missional

    1. The Book of Acts
      1. Acts begins with the disciples asking a very self-focused Question of Jesus (Acts 1:6)
      2. But notice Jesus’ answer to their question and then his reorientation of their focus. (Acts 1:7-8, Jn 17:3)
      3. The story of Pentecost (Acts 2:8-11)
      4. The Ethiopian Eunuch (Acts 8:26ff)
      5. Saul’s story (Acts 9)
      6. Cornelius (Acts 10)
      7. The scattered (Acts 11:19-21)
      8. The sending of Paul and Barnabas (Acts 13:1ff)

Healthy Churches seek Community Transformation

    1. There is a second prong of a healthy church’s outward focus and that is related to community transformation.
      1. What do we mean when we talk of Community Transformation?
      2. In truth, there is not a lot of NT scripture for this, but there is some( Lk 10:25-37, Acts 5:14-16, 8:26)
      3. But there is significant OT support for ministry that supports the needy (Gen 12:1-3, Lev 19:9, Dt 24:17, 26:12, Micah 6:8, Is 61:1-2)
    2. Healthy Churches are concerned with those who suffer.


  1. How are we doing in being local and global?
    1. Three Metrics
      1. Monetary standpoint
      2. Prayer perspective
      3. Ministry perspective
    2. How are we doing in keeping Word and Deed central in our ministry outside these walls?
    3. How are we doing in intentionally proclaiming Jesus to those who have yet to hear?
  2. How might we improve?
    1. Money for Missions (Mt 6:21)
    2. 7 questions from the Multiplication Network:
      1. Our church participates in world mission efforts.
      2. Our church has a clear plan to reach the community with the Good News of the Kingdom.
      3. Our church is active in building relationships with the unbelievers of our community.
      4. Our church trains and equips its members to give witness in the community.
      5. I’ve been personally trained to contribute to the evangelistic efforts of the church.
      6. I feel personally involved in the evangelistic task of our congregation.
      7. I can identify new people in our church who came in the past year as a result of my evangelistic efforts.
    3. As individuals, we need to reflect on our own time commitments, and ask
      1. Am I involved in ministry to those who do not know Jesus in the community?
      2. Am I speaking his name regularly in my volunteer opportunities?
      3. Am I willing to learn and change if I don’t do this?
  3. As we close today, I know that there has been a lot of challenge.
    1. I want you to be encouraged.
    2. Christ is driving all of this.


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