02 Deut 4:1-40 God, God’s People, God’s Law

02 Deut 4:1-40 God, God’s People, God’s Law

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Sermon outline

Introduction: Dt. 4 is the equivalent of Ps 119

We know God through his Words to us (4:1-8)

        1. God is
          1. God of our fathers (Dt 4:1)
            1. God is the same God through history to his people
            2. And He is our God as well.
              1. Jesus called him Father (Mt 7:21, 10:33, 11:27, 12:50);
              2. He called us brothers and sisters (Mt 12:50, 25:40, Jn 20:17)
          2. One who gave Israel the land of Canaan (Dt 4:1)
            1. God had made promises to Abraham (Gen 12:7)
            2. This promise of God is one God’s people hold onto as we await our final redemption (Rev 22:1-5)
          3. Gives Commands to his people (Dt 4:2, 5)
            1. Moses words were God’s commandments to Israel (4:2)
            2. the 10 commandments are the overarching framework which God then applies to a variety of situations that the people of God encounter
            3. God has commands for his people today?
              1. Commands to love one another (1Jn)
              2. Commands to pray together (various)
              3. Commands to worship God alone (Rev 22:9)
              4. Commands to avoid sexual immorality
          4. Destroyer of Idolaters (Dt 4:3, Num 25:1-4)
          5. Your God (Dt 4:4)

God’s people are

        1. Listen and Do God’s statutes (Dt 4:1, 9-10)
          1. We must talk to our children about our living relationship with God.
        2. Not add or subtract from God’s statutes (Dt 4:2)
        3. Hold fast to God and life (Dt 4:4)

The Warnings

        1. Destruction for idolatry (Dt 4:3, 26)
        2. It is stated a number of ways in our passage (Dt. 4:3, 21, 24, 26-27)
        3. So be warned – only destruction awaits disobedience,

The Blessings

        1. May live and Possess the Land(Dt 4:1, 1Cor 10:6, Rev 22:15)
        2. Wisdom and understanding (Dt 4:6, Ps 111:10, Prov 9:10)
        3. Nearness of God (Dt 4:7)
        4. Righteous life (Dt 4:8, 1Cor 1:30)


        1. God’s law is meant to drive us to Christ who is the fulfillment of it for us.
        2. Remember that God’s law is still useful for our growth in Christ-likeness
        3. Remember that your inheritance and blessing await you as a member of Christ’s body
        4. Glory be to Christ who is our wisdom, righteousness and redemption.


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