01 Deut 1-3 God in our past: A Call to Love God

01 Deut 1-3 God in our past: A Call to Love God

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Sermon outline

Intro to Deuteronomy

            1. As a Quick outline of Deuteronomy
              1. Recap of Israel’s journey from Egypt (Dt 1–3)
              2. How to love God and keep His commandments (Dt 4–26)
              3. Blessings, curses, and restoration (Dt 27–30)
                1. Blessings of walking with God
                2. Curses of not walking with God
                3. Possibility of restoration from the curses to the blessed state for the repentant
              4. The death of Moses and Joshua’s succession (Dt 31–34)
            2. Why does Deut. relay Israel’s history in an abbreviated fashion in the opening chapters?

The History of Israel

            1. begins and ends in the same place: A Call to Love God
            2. God Saved their parents (Dt 1:8)
            3. Establishing Leadership (Deuteronomy 1:17–18)
            4. He recalls one of the great sins of disbelief among their parents’ generation – unbelief. (Deuteronomy 1:39)
            5. This leads Moses to remind the people that God blessed them (Dt 2:7)
            6. Moses blamed Israel for his failure to enter into the promised Land. (Dt 1:37, 3:26, Num 20:9-12)
            7. The historical narrative closes with the command to commission Joshua as the next leader who will bring the People into the Promised Land.

Our History

            1. In many ways our history is similar to theirs
              1. Broadly speaking we are all children of disobedient parents in Adam (Gen 3)
              2. Generational chaos
              3. First Generation Believers and Second Generation Believers
              4. Calling people to love God and pursue him more than anything else
            2. We all need godly authorities over us who can lead us to the Savior! (Dt 1:15-18)
            3. Disobedience is a real thing with serious consequences for living in God’s best,

The Gospel: There is a new Joshua – and his name is Yeshua, Jesus.

            1. Canaan or the New Jerusalem?


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