04 Jn 1:43-51 The Call and Conversion of a Skeptic

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Sermon Outline

  1. Introduction (Jn 1:43-44)
    1. Have you ever interacted with a skeptic?
    2. The Move from Bethany to Galilee (Jn 1:43)
      1. But why the decision to move? (Jn 1:44, Isa 9:1-2)
    3. The Call of Philip
    4. The work of Jesus:
  2. Sharing the News (Jn 1:45)
    1. Who is Nathanael?
    2. Notice how clearly Philip shares the news
      1. There was intentionality.
      2. The Message was clear! (Dt 18:15, Eze 37:24-27)
  3. The Skeptics initial response (Jn 1:46)
    1. Why was Nazareth thought of so poorly?
    2. The rejoinder, “Don’t take my word for it, check it out yourself.”\
  4. Jesus Works on the Skeptic (Jn 1:47-49)
  5. The Greater Things (Jn 1:50-51)
    1. Greater things will be observed
    2. Heavens opened (Mal 3:10)
    3. Angels of God ascending and descending
    4. Son of Man (Dan 7:13-14)
    5. 3 options phrase as a whole:
    6. This should be immensely encouraging for those of us who know skeptics.


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