06 Heb 3:7-4:11 Jesus, our rest

06 Heb 3:7-4:11 Jesus, our rest

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Sermon outline



Another Therefore

          1. The argument of Hebrews so far (Heb 2:1; 3:1, 6-8)
          2. Exodus 17:1-7
            1. Grumbling against God (Ex 17:3)
            2. Consider what they just said
              1. They forgot who led them out.
              2. They forgot the point of the Exodus
              3. They forgot God was among them (Ex 17:7)
            3. Psalm 95
              1. He begins his psalm with a beautiful call to worship God. (Ps 95:1-7)
              2. A sharp turn (Ps 85:7b-11)
              3. We all wonder if God is among us or if we are on our own.
              4. To David – worship is a form of rest that properly orients the person to life.

Come rest in Jesus.

          1. If you hear the voice of Christ, then listen and believe.
          2. The warning
            1. Hard hearts
            2. Days of testing (Heb 3:8-12, Dt 29:5, Ex 16:35, Num 21:8)
            3. Even in the church, one can fall into unbelief which robs you of divine rest. (Hen 3:12)
            4. Take Care
              1. Evil heart (Mt 5:45, 6:13, 7;17)
              2. An unbelieving heart
              3. These draw us away from God.
          3. Exhortation guards one against Hardness and Drift (Heb 3:13)
          4. Holding onto Christ brings real rest.
            1. The Creation Story (Hebrews 4:4, Gen 2:2, 3:1ff)
            2. Come and worship Christ (Heb 4:9-10)
            3. The enigma of resting in Christ, it takes effort.
              1. To put the old man or woman to rest.
              2. To stay fixated on Jesus as our only hope of rest and entering into God’s presence.



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