07 Isaiah 10:5-34 Divine Sovereignty and Personal Responsibility

07 Isaiah 10:5-34 Divine Sovereignty and Personal Responsibility


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Sermon outline


  1. One of the great dilemmas of modern life is how to reconcile Divine Sovereignty and Human freedom and responsibility
  2. The Lord’s instrument: Assyria and the Lord’s purposes (5)
    1. Assyria is God’s rod and staff (Isa 10:5)
    2. God’s intentions for Assyria (Isa 10:6)
      1. Israel is the godless people?
      2. Sent by God to spoil, plunder, and trample
      3. But God doesn’t intend to completely eradicate them (Isa 1:9, 3:10, 4:1, 5:17, 6:13)
      4. Purifying the godless nations of Israel and Judah
  3. But Assyria has a different plan (Isa 10:7-11, 13-14)
  4. Assyria is still accountable to God and will be punished for her transcending of God’s intent for her (Isa 10:12, 15-34, 2Chr 32:20-21)
  5. 2 important doctrines:
    1. God is sovereignly in Control.
    2. People and nations are still morally responsible for their actions


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