09 John 3:16-21 The Love of God

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Sermon Outline

  1. How do you display love?
    1. The Love of God
      1. Who He loves.
      2. How he loves.
      3. Why he loves.
    2. Context (Num 11:1-9, John 3:1-15)
  2. Who does God love? (Jn 3:16)
    1. God in this passage refers to God the Father
      1. It is important that we understand the Son of God, 2nd person, willingly went and surrendered his life (Jn 10:17-18)
    2. Who does God love? The world
      1. But what/who is included in the world?
        1. Earth – geographic globe (Mt 26:13)
        2. Universe (Mt 13:35)
        3. Humanity (1Cor 6:2)
        4. Times all 3 are incorporated in a single verse like Jn 1:10
      2. Which is it?
      3. Not Everyone wants to be loved! (Jn 3:19, Mt 4:16, 8:12, 22:13, Acts 26:18, Rom 13:12)
        1. When we prefer sin to holiness, oppression to righteousness, ourself to God we are declaring that we don’t want the love of God (Jn 3:20, Rom 9:11, HC 91)
        2. b/w sinner and saint isn’t quantitative
        3. b/w sinner and saint is qualitative
  3. How does God love?
    1. This is how God loved (Jn 3:16)
      1. Intensively?
      2. Practically?
    2. God loves by giving himself to people in need of redemption (Jn 1:29)
    3. God loves by costly sacrifice (Lk 8:42, Judg 11:34, Mk 15:34)
    4. God loves and displays it by making a way for those caught in sin and death to receive life (Jn 3:16, Heb 12:2-4)
    5. God loves by not leaving people condemned (Jn 3:17-18)
  4. Why does God love? (Jn 3:21, 14:6, Phil 2:13, Heb 13:21)
    1. To show the cosmos that He has done it all!


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