10 John 4:1-26 The Gift and the Giver

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Sermon Outline

  1. Everyone loves a gift that turns out to be more wonderful than you even thought possible
  2. Context (John 4:1-6)
    1. How and why Jesus ended up in a Samaritan city (John 4:1-3)
    2. Jacob’s Well: some history (John 4:5-6)
    3. What’s the History between Jews and Samaritans? (2Kings 17:1-34)
  3. Searching for a Marriage made in Heaven
    1. Spoiler Alert
    2. Jesus wants a drink of Water (John 4:7)
      1. Why she came at noon?
      2. Jesus speaks to this woman that nobody wants (Jn 4:27)
      3. 2 Forward Individuals (John 4:9, Sir 50:25, John 4:16-17)
      4. The Search for the Bride (Gen 24, John 3:29)
    3. So what kind of marriage is this, what gifts are exchanged and who is this Groom?
      1. This is a spiritual Marriage, replete with a spiritual gift from the God-man Jesus
  4. The Better Marriage
    1. The Giver & the Gift Jesus Brings (John 4:10)
    2. Jesus is the groom
    3. The Gift of life
    4. Do you get how amazing this is? Do you see what Jesus is promising not just to her, but to all of us? (Lk 11:13)
    5. But she is stuck on the material plane (Jn 4:11-12)
    6. The Satisfying Spirit (John 4:13-14)
    7. The Groom isn’t a prophet, he is the Christ (John 4:15-26)



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