Hannah: A Mother to Emulate (1Sam 1-2)

Hannah: A Mother to Emulate (1Sam 1-2)

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Sermon Outline


A Mother to Emulate (1Samuel 1-2)


  1. Mothers in the Bible (Gen 3:6, 20; Gen 27; Judg 14:2-3; Ruth 1:3-4)
  2. Hannah, the mother of Samuel (1Samuel 1)
    1. A Life fraught with pain
      1. One of two wives to Elkanah. (1Sam 1:2, 4-5, 8)
        1. There was the pain of rejection which this woman lived with.
      2. Taunted and grievously provoked (1Sam 1:6)
        1. This woman lived in a household full of pain and emotional struggle.
      3. Struggled with Anxiety (1Sam 1:16)
      4. Misunderstood (1Sam 1:12-13)
      5. Do you identify with any of Hannah’s struggles?
    2. Hannah’s response
      1. Praying in the Midst of Pain and disappointment (1Sam 1:10, 12)
        1. The Key to true spiritual greatness is Prayer
        2. Do you believe that prayer is the best way to respond to the troubles of life? To the trials of life? To the blessings of life?
        3. Jesus – prayer life (Lk 5:16, 6:12, 22:44)
      2. Offering up the blessings to God (1Sam 1:11)
  3. Jesus is the great Example that all others look to
    1. Jesus experienced a life fraught with pain (Mt 16:21)
    2. Jesus experienced the anxiety that comes with contemplating a horrific death (Lk 22:42, 44, Heb 5:7)
    3. Jesus Prayed
      1. His prayer life stands out among the pages of scripture as something worth emulating (Lk 11:1, Matt 6:8)
      2. The same was true of Mary who copies much of Hannah’s prayer (Lk 1:46-56, 1Sam 2:1-10)
      3. All of these prayers focused upon the Lord and his saving power from (1Sam 2:6-8)
      4. Jesus continues to intercede (Rom 8:34)
    4. Jesus was misunderstood and rejected by people (Jn 1:11, Mt 27:17-26)
    5. Again Like Hannah, Jesus prayed but an even greater prayer (Lk 23:34)
    6. While Hannah pictured one area of life dedicated to the Lord, Jesus pictures every area
    7. There you have it a Mother worth Emulating, pictured in Hannah, fulfilled in Jesus as the one gathering his flock under his wings that we might be an offering to the Lord!



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