11 Phil 4:2-9 Practical Christian Living


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Sermon Outline

  1. Called out
    1. The Christian life is full of sin.
    2. These women aren’t living into their names
    3. Our Need for others to call us back to Christ
      1. Paul doesn’t ignore the tiff, or sweep it under the rug
      2. Paul doesn’t take sides.
      3. Paul doesn’t spill the reasons for their garbage all over.
      4. Paul holds these women in respect and expects others too as well (Phil 4:3)
      5. Paul Asks them to agree in the Lord (Phil 4:2, 1:7, 2:2)
      6. Paul commands others to get involved (Phil 4:3, 1;27, Mt 26:55)
  2. A Better Way
    1. Rejoice! (Phil 4:4)
    2. Be Reasonable (Phil 4:5)
    3. Do Not be anxious about anything (Phil 4:6, Mt 6:25, 31, Mk 10:19, Lk 10:41, 1Cor 7:32-33)
    4. Instead of anxiety we must pray! (Phil 4:6-7)
    5. Think on the noble Life (Phil 4:8, Jn 14;6, Tit 2:2)
    6. Lastly –Paul urges the church to copy him.
  3. How different would your life be if these simple things were incorporated into your life each day?


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