12 Philippians 4:10-23 The Secret(s) of Contentment


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Sermon Outline


  1. Practical Christian Living
    1. Introduction (Phil 4:10)
    2. Showing our concern to others is important(v. 10, 14-18)
      1. Concern is literally the word “To think” but here it seems to mean “thoughtful care”
      2. Important that the concern be repeated (Phil 4:10)
    3. We often think that need creates opportunity for help (Phil 4:11)
  2. Contentment (Phil 4:11)
    1. What is it? (Prov 30:8, Josephus, Phil 4:12-13)
    2. Why don’t we have contentment?
      1. Because we believe that Christ isn’t enough.
      2. We think: Sufficiency = Christ + something (stuff, person, feeling, etc.)
      3. Or said another way, We lack contentment because we love the World.
        1. William Greenhill, “We love the World when…”
          1. We esteem it too highly.
          2. We fix our thoughts on the world and its treasures
          3. We desire (want to united with) the things of the world
          4. We set our hearts and affections on the things of the world
          5. We employ our strength in, on and about the things of the world
          6. Our conversations are primarily about earthly things and not the things of God.
          7. We mourn and lament the loss or absence of the things of the world from our life
        2. But the Bible is clear, that the Christian is not to love the world. (1Jn 2:15, 2Tim 3:2, 4, Prov 23:5)
    3. How to get it.
      1. Secret 1: Being other focused (Phil 4:17-18)
      2. Secret 2: Draw strength from Christ (Phil 4:13, 3:10-12)
        1. Stuff doesn’t get us through pain
        2. So what does empower those in pain to live day by day?
          1. Prayer
          2. Word of God
          3. Hope of Reconciliation
          4. Discontent with Mediocrity
      3. Secret 3: Rely on God (Phil 4:19)
        1. Needs not desires or wants
        2. Your needs may not be God’s needs for you


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