14 Isaiah 41 God is our Redeemer

14 Isaiah 41 God is our Redeemer

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Sermon outline

“National Sovereignty is a mistaken idolatry”

Israel’s national existence would persist as long as God decrees

      1. Stronger nations are no match for Israel’s God
        1. Come to me and hear my judgments and promises (Isa 41:1)
        2. God governs nations (Is 41:2-5, 2 Chr 36:22-23, Ezra 1:1-1, Isa 44:28, 45:1)
        3. God’s relationship to his People (Isa 41:8-9, Gen 26:4, Dt 7:6, 14:2)
        4. Don’t fear (Is. 41:10)
      2. Israel’s weakness will not hinder God’s protection (Is 41:14)
        1. All of this means that Isreal as a nation will exist as long as God says she will exist.
        2. Applications:

God will provide the redeemer/deliverer (Isa 41:14)

      1. Redeemers in Israel (Isa. 63:16, 44:22, 59:20)
      2. Our Redemption in Jesus (Acts 10:37-42)


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