13 Isaiah 40:9-31 Behold your God!

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Sermon outline

Where would you turn if you wanted to give people a description of God?

      1. Genesis 1
      2. Exo 34:6
      3. Rev 5-6
      4. But would you think of Isa 40?

The call to Proclaim the Nature of God (Isa 40:9)

      1. One would expect good news to be some event that is transpiring (Is 40:1, 5,8).
      2. Rather the Good News is who God is!

God is

      1. The universal God (Isa 40:9)
      2. Strong and mighty (Isa 40:10)
      3. Tender Shepherd (Isa 40:11)
      4. Immense (Is 40:12)
      5. Governor (Is 40:13a)
      6. Wise (Is 40:13b-14)
      7. Just (Is 40:14, Jer 9:24)
      8. Incomparable (Is 40:15, 18)

The foolishness of idolatry in contrast to God (Is 40:19-28)

Why it matters!

      1. HE alone is to be worshipped!
      2. God strengthens the weak and weary. (Is 40:29, Mt 11:28)
      3. We must wait. (Is 40:31, 2Cor 4:8-9)


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