15 John 6:1-15 Why do you follow Jesus? (Part 1 of 2)

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Sermon Outline

  1. Why do you follow Jesus?
  2. 4 Reasons people follow Jesus
    1. Context of the passage
    2. Reason 1: We follow because of the signs and miracles (John 6:2)
    3. Reason 2: We follow Jesus because he meets our physical needs (John 6:26)
      1. But what if Jesus didn’t meet your material needs, would you still follow him? (2Cor 6:4-7, 11:23-33)
    4. Reason 3: We follow because Jesus is a nice addition to our lives without shaking things up (John 6:5-9)
    5. Reason 4:We follow because Jesus fits our politics (John 6:14-15)
    6. Why do you follow Jesus?
  3. Follow Jesus because
    1. He loves people (Jn 6:5,11; Mt 15:32, 9:36; 1Jn 4:19)
    2. He is Lord of Creation (Jn 6:11-12, Heb 11:1)
    3. What does all this mean? Why does this matter?


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