15 The Servant of God brings forth Justice (Isaiah 42:1-12)

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Sermon outline


Do you know how hard it is not to break a bruised reed or to quench a smoldering wick?

The Servant

    1. My Servant, whom I uphold (Is 42:1)
    2. My Chosen, in whom my soul delights
    3. Justice is the job of this chosen servant of God!

The Biblical idea of Justice includes all of government

    1. Components of Biblical Justice
      1. Humility (Isa 42:2)
      2. Gentleness (Isa 42:3)
      3. Faithful (Isa 42:4)
    2. Justice can only come from one who is:
      1. Powerful (Isa 42:5)
      2. Righteous (Isa 42:6)
      3. A Light (isa 42:6)
    3. Justice is for the oppressor and the oppressed (Isa 42:7)

Jesus is the Servant of God

    1. Jesus is the ultimate fulfillment of this passage (Mt 12:15-20)
    2. Worship is the right response to justice coming in Christ (Isa 42:10-12)


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