18 Jn 13:21-32 One of you will betray me

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Sermon outline


  1. Betrayal can leave deep emotional trauma
    1. Now imagine you knew someone was going to betray you in the next 24 hours.
      1. How would you feel?
      2. What would you say?
      3. How would you treat them?
    2. This is the situation we encounter as we enter into our passage today (Jn 13:21)
  2. Jesus’ emotions amidst impending betrayal
    1. Context of Jn 13:21
      1. Love is sacrifice.
      2. Love is taking the form of a servant.
      3. Love is humility not pride.
    2. Jesus is Troubled (Mt 2:3
      1. Troubled means emotionally stirred up,
      2. Probably involved unease, nervousness, maybe sense of fear
      3. Jesus had the right to feel all of this
    3. But unlike us, Jesus still loves his betrayer (Lk 13:30)
      1. Jesus had washed Judas’ feet. (Jn 13:1-19)
      2. Judas is seated at one of the places of honor. (Jn 13:24-27)
      3. And then Peter motions to the disciple Jesus loved and he leans back to ask Jesus a question
      4. The meal seating assignments (Lk 13:30)
      5. What is more, Jesus feeds Judas (Jn 13:25-26)
      6. Jesus Loves Judas
    4. Application Points
      1. Judas often gets a bad wrap, but if we are honest are we any better than Judas?
      2. The Sermon on the Mount wasn’t a feel good ideal, but a lived experience (Mt 5:43-46)
  3. The Scariest Verse in the Bible (Jn 13:27)
    1. Demonic possession is real…(Mk 9:25, Lk 8:30, Mk 5:12)
    2. Spiritually speaking we are either filled with the Holy Spirit and indwelt by God himself, or we are vacant land awaiting the squatting of any evil and malevolent force/spirit which seeks to undermine Jesus and destroy God’s church.
    3. It can happen in the Church (Jn 13:2, Acts 5:3)
    4. Jesus gave Judas/Satan permission to act (Jn 10:18, 6:70, 13:27, 30)
      1. Remember – John uses a lot of light and dark contrast.
      2. Even this dark hour is in God’s control,
  4. God’s Glory revealed (Jn 13:31-32, Ex 34:6-7)


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