17 John 7:37-39 Come to Jesus all who thirst

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Sermon outline

  1. Thirst
    1. What it is naturally
    2. But What is spiritual thirst?
    3. Thirst presents us with 2 choices
      1. Satisfy it in a healthy God honoring way
      2. Try to satisfy it in another way
      3. Examples
    4. Setting of the feast and its importance (Jn 7:37, 7:2, 8:12, Num 20:2-13)
  2. When we satisfy our thirst apart from Jesus
    1. We engage in sin
    2. We grumble (Num 20:2-4)
    3. We grow thirstier (drinking salt water)
  3. When we satisfy our thirst in a God honoring way. We can come to Jesus! (Jn 7:37-39)
    1. Recognize spiritual thirst for what it is
    2. We go to Jesus
    3. We imbibe Jesus (Jn 7:17, 38)
    4. Then God gives us the Spirit to fill our need with abundance (Jn 7:38, Jer 2:13, 17:13, Isa 44:3, 58:11, 12:3, Acts 2:38-39 )
    5. Come and drink from he who is the fountain of life, the well that never runs dry.



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