20 Col 4:7-11 What can we learn from the Personal greetings?

20 Col 4:7-11 What can we learn from the Personal greetings?

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Sermon outline


There are some things in life that we like to skip over

          1. Movie Credits
          2. Books – Table of Contents, Index, Appendices, and footnotes
          3. Art

Why do we skip certain Scripture sections?

        1. The importance of the details
          1. Details are always important in works of art.
          2. The men of the circumcision Party (Col 4:7-11)
            1. We meet 5 men of the circumcision as Paul concludes his letter
              1. Tychicus, Onesimus, Aristarchus, Mark, Justus
              2. Before we look at each one individually, lets examine what Paul says about them as a corporate group (Col 4:11)
            2. How big an issue is this? (Gal 2, 5:12)
            3. Application: Let’s trascend Denominationalism for the Kingdom of God
        2. Tychicus: Who is your family? (Acts 20:1-6, Eph 6:21, Tit 3:12, Col 4:7-9, Phile 16
          1. Beloved brother
          2. Faithful minister (Mt 20:26, Jn 12:26)
          3. Fellow servant
        3. Onesimus: Who are you ministering with? (Col 4:9)
        4. Aristarchus: Who do you serve? (Acts 19:29, 20:4, 27:2, Col 4:10)
        5. Mark, the cousin of Barnabas: Reconciliation is possible (Col 4:10, Acts 12:12, 12:25, 15:27-29, 2Tim 4:11)
        6. Jesus called Justus (Col 4:11, Acts 1:23, 18:7)


        1. Ministering for Jesus should trump every lesser theological loyalty
        2. We are the family of God and care for them as such
        3. Partnership is key to every form of ministry
        4. Our identity is as slaves to Christ. We have no freedom apart from beign yoked to him.
        5. Don’t give us on those who have burned you, reconcile with them, they may become great ministry partners.
        6. All of these are possible because Jesus is so great.



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