19 Col 4;5-6 Walking in wisdom and speaking provocatively

19 Col 4;5-6 Walking in wisdom and speaking provocatively

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Sermon outline


Walking wisely (Col 4:5)

          1. All God’s people are commanded to Walk in wisdom.
          2. Walking is a colloquialism or figure of speech for how one lives life.
          3. Walking towards outsiders
          4. Walking in wisdom toward outsiders
            1. Wisdom is the right way one should live, and this right way accords with God’s will (Col 1:9-10)
              1. What does God expect (Act 15:20, Jame 3:17)
            2. Wisdom is knowing what the time calls for now,
          5. Examples
            1. Prayer
            2. Evangelism

Speaking Provocatively (Col 4:6)

          1. Wise living involves talking with people and answering their questions
          2. Provocative speech
            1. Always Gracious (Tit 3:2, 2:8)
              1. Gracious speech is Courteous
              2. Gracious speech is Uplifting (1Thes 5:14)
              3. Gracious speech Blesses (Lk 6:28, 1Cor 4:12, 1Pet 3:9)
            2. Salty = Leads to Questions



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