29 Jn 18:1-11 Jesus’ Arrest

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Sermon outlinE

  1. John 10:18 “No one takes it from me, but I lay it down of my own accord. I have authority to lay it down, and I have authority to take it up again. This charge I have received from my Father.”
  2. The setting
    1. The brook Kidron
    2. To a garden
      1. We know it as the garden of Gethsemane (Mt 26:36; Mk 14:32)
      2. Jesus’ place of rest and prayer (Lk 22:39)
      3. The garden: a place for battle (Gen 2-3, Jn 18:1-11)
  3. The Arrival of Judas and the soldiers (Jn 18:2-3)
    1. Judas is a curious figure
      1. Judas’ movement towards betrayal (Jn 6:71, 12:4, 18:2, 5)
      2. He gathered the band of soldiers and the temple officers
    2. The Utter Control Jesus Exercises (Jn 18:4)
      1. Depicted by his complete foreknowledge.
      2. Depicted by his question. (Jn 1:37)
    3. His Answer (Jn 18:5-6, Ex 3:6, 14)
      1. But his answer is astounding
    4. What a display of love and control.
  4. The safety of his people (Jn 18:9)
    1. There are 3 close OT approximations, but none are messianic per se. (Num 31:49, 1Sam 22:23, Jer 23:4)
    2. Safe from a slaughter (Jn 18:10)
  5. The narrative closes with 2 powerful statements (Jn 18:11)
    1. Violence as a means of kingdom protection and expansion is antithetical to the ways of the Savior.
    2. Radical submission to the Heavenly Father is the only way
      1. The cup Christ drank (Mt 26:39, Mk 14:36, Lk 22:42, Jer 25:15-16; Isa 51:17, 22; Lam 4:21; Eze 23:28-34; Hab 2:16)
      2. Adam and eve’s failure to submit to God led to the corruption of the earth
      3. Christ’s radical submission will lead to the redemption of the world.
  6.  Conclusion
    1. So people of God, remember and believe that
      1. You are loved greatly
      2. Christ is in control
      3. You are safe in his care
      4. Violence and the kingdom don’t mix
      5. Radical submission is the way forward
    2. All of these Jesus taught or modeled in his last interaction with his disciples.


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