03B Divorce: The Ugly Truth (Malachi 2:13-16)

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Sermon Outline

Part 2 Divorce: The Ugly Truth (Mal 2:13-16)


  1. Summary of Last week
  2. False worship (Mal 2:13)
    1. Tears, weeping, groaning: Pagan practices (1Ki 18:27-29, 18:37-38)
    2. The real reason God isn’t listening: Divorce
  3. Divorce (Mal 2:14)
    1. God is a witness (Duguid, 217)
    2. Wife as companion (Ex 26:6-11, 28:7, Gen 14:3)
    3. Marriage as covenant
    4. Faithless Marriage (Eccl 9:9 Ex 21:10)
    5. The Effects – (1Pt 3:7)
    6. The Reason (Mal 2:15)
      1. God is the author of marriage
      2. Marriage is not physical only, but spiritual
      3. Marriages exist to bring forth godly children (Gel 1:28)
      4. The Warning
    7. The real picture of divorce (Mal 2:16)
      1. First, Divorce is proof of a failure to love.
      2. Second, Divorce is violence in action
      3. Third, Divorce is faithlessness in spiritual life.
  4. The Gospel hope we have (Eph 5:22-32)


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