Idea Virus #3: Does my life have meaning? (Ps 139:13-16, Col 3:17)

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Sermon Outline

  1. Nietzsche’s story[1]
  2. Idea Viruses
    1. Secularism declare there is no ultimate meaning
    2. Marxism says meaning comes from the fight, the searching for equality
    3. New Age Spirituality says meaning therefore comes from giving up your life and letting whatever power out there that exists to take over and guide you.
    4. Islam says meaning comes from submission to Allah
    5. Post modernism declares that there is no objective standard of truth and hence there is no meaning
  3. How Jesus gives meaning to our lives!
    1. Yes, there is hope.
      1. Scripture declares that God created you and me, and every person that lives, has lived and will live upon the face of the earth. (Ps 139:13-16)
      2. Ephesians 1 is the most amazing passage for drawing out our identify in Christ,
      3. Like Marxism, the Gospel says, “there is an oppressor that needs to be defeated” but unlike Marxism, the Gospel declares Jesus has fought the war and won (Col 2:15)
      4. Unlike Secularism, the Gospel says that meaning is found not in the secular only, but in seeing the World, the Flesh and the devil defeated (Eph 2:2-3, 1Cor 15:53-54)
      5. Meaning is found in becoming part of a larger body, the family of God (Mt 19:28-29)
    2. What is your purpose? (WLC 1)
      1. If you want to live out the identity, the value and the wonder that God has made you to be so that you enjoy and God enjoys and others enjoy you then glorifying God is your purpose, your calling.
      2. Your purpose and mine is to do everything for the Lord (Col 3:17)
        1. When you speak words to another, do it for God – as one who speaks words of life (Ps 19:14, Eph 4:29)
        2. Labor at the things that are on God’s heart and in his plan so that you are working for eternal purposes (Ps 127:1)
        3. Finally, Sing praise to God in whatever you find yourself doing (1Chr 16:23)

[1] Myers, Jeff. The Secret Battle of Ideas about God, 99-100.


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