God is not for or against our political parties (Joshua 5:13-15)

Sermon Outline


Historical Setting

    1. From Egypt to the Banks of the Jordan (Num 13:1-14:10)
    2. Preparing on the Banks
    3. Planning for the Attack (Josh 5:13)
    4. The Question (Josh 5:13)
      1. Joshua – bold as he approaches the man
      2. The Answer (Josh 5:14)
    5. The Response (Josh 5:14-15)
      1. Reverence
      2. Realignment
      3. Worship

Bringing it forward

    1. Political Parties
      1. Reverence – Do the parties understand their place when confronted by God?
      2. Realignment – Are the parties willing to align their priorities to God’s priorities and to listen to the Lord?
      3. Worship – Do the parties recognize the necessity of seeing this world as God’s and worshipping him alone?
    2. President Lincoln’s 2nd Inaugural Address
    3. Applying it Today:
      1. I Believe, God would have us
        1. Remind yourself and your elected officials that those holding opposing political viewpoints are not your enemies
        2. Urge them to Cooperate (Psa 133:1-3)
        3. Remind yourself and your officials that attitude is as important as the substance of what one does (Rom 12:16)
        4. Remind yourself and your officials that we are 1 Nation (1Cor 12:14ff)
      2. If we can remind ourselves, our officials and others that
        1. We are not enemies
        2. Cooperation is better than war
        3. Attitude is as valuable as action
        4. We are 1 nation
      3. Then we will go a long way to becoming a people who don’t make Joshua’s first mistake of assuming it is US-Them.

Conclusion (Isa. 9:6-7, Heb. 12:28-29)


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