Psalm 10 The Cry of the Oppressed

Psalm 10 The Cry of the Oppressed

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Sermon outline


Have you ever looked and contemplated that the course of evil seemed better than the course of good?

This is The cry of the Oppressed (Ps 10:1)

            1. Who are the oppressed in this psalm?
            2. The person praying wants to know why God seems so far away when the wicked are abusing others.

Reasons for the Cry (Ps 10:2-11)

            1. Arrogantly pursues the poor
            2. Pridefully live as atheist
            3. Personal Reflection

The Hope of the Oppressed (Ps 10:12-15)

            1. The hope is that God really does see (v14)
            2. The hope I that there is a day of reckoning


            1. The best way one can approach those times where God is far away, is:
              1. Admit it and state it
              2. Explain why you feel/see it this way
              3. Declare your hope and what you want
              4. Finally, come to this fourth aspect of the psalm and declare the truth to your weary wondering soul
            2. The Truth is
              1. God is King (v16)
              2. Oppression will stop (v16)
              3. God hears the needy cry for help (v17)
              4. God strengthens the suffering (v17)
              5. God will judge every oppressor (v18)


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