Psalm 9 Praise God

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Sermon outline


God’s People are called to Praise him

          1. How
            1. By being thankful (Ps 9:1)
            2. By Rehearsing God’s great deeds to one another (Ps 9:1)
            3. By rejoicing and making music to the Lord (Ps 9:2)
          1. Why
            1. B/c he is the Most High. (Ps 9:2)
            2. B/c he is just (Ps 9:4, 7-8; Jer 11:20)
            3. B/c he utterly defeats his enemies (Ps 9:5-6, Col 2:15)
            4. B/c he is enthroned (Ps 9:7-8, Rom 12:19)
            5. b/c he is a protector (Ps 9:9-10)
            6. B/c he is faithful (Ps 9:10)
          1. And So David returns where he began “Worship God” (Ps 9:11)

When we are in need, we should turn to the God we praise

          1. Call on God in Prayer (Ps 9:13)
          2. Pray So that we can add our stories to the community’s (Ps 9:14)
          3. Jesus could have prayed this.

Consider if there is any wickedness in your life (Ps 9:15-18, Rom 1:18-22)

          1. God judges the wicked
          2. Wickedness is forgetting God in daily life

Be encouraged, God’s judgment will come. (Ps 9:19-20)


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