To tithe or not to tithe, that is the question: How shall we give?

To tithe or not to tithe, that is the question: How shall we give?

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Sermon outline


Tithes and Offerings in the OT

      1. 32 instances of the word Tithe(s) in the OT, (9 in the NT)
      2. Tithe is different than offerings (2Chr 31:12, Ex 13:12, Neh 12:44)
      3. What was the tithe?
        1. Agricultural gift from the bounty God provided from the land or animal (Lev 27:30-32, Neh 13:5)
        2. 1/10 (Lev 27:32, Gen 14:17-20)
        3. OT Tithe was never money, income per se.
      4. Who received the Tithe?
        1. Levites (Num 18;21, 26, Neh 13:5)
        2. Offerors (Dt 12:17-18, 14:22-27)
        3. Sojourners, fatherless, and widows (Dt 26:12)
      5. Something one was to test God in (Mal 3:10)

Tithes in NT (Mt 23:23, Lk 11:42, 18:12)

      1. Jesus on the tithe (a work of the OT Law)
      2. Christian interpretations of the Tithe

All Christians are to give

      1. Freely & Generously (2Cor 8:2-3, 9:11, Ex 36:1-7)
      2. Cheerfully & Intentionally (2Cor 9:6-14)
      3. To care for needy brothers and sisters around the Globe and in our own families (1Tim 5:16)
      4. To further Gospel ministry (1Tim 5:17-18)

The Gospel: We give because God has given so much (2Cor 9:15)



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