The Hidden Side of People: Insanity, Mental Health Struggle, Demon Possession

The Hidden Side of People: Insanity, Mental Health Struggle, Demon Possession

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Sermon outline

Introduction (Mt 4:24, Mk 1:34)

      1. Categories of Sickness and Demon possession
      2. Richard Gallagher’s testimony

What is Insanity?

      1. The Story of Nebuchadnezzar (Dan 4:29-36, 1Sam 21:13)
        1. Living in isolation
        2. Eating like an animal
        3. Not taking care of his hygiene
        4. Thinking was jumbled until God restored his reason
        5. Drooling,
        6. out of control of his/her body
        7. “inarticulate muttering under intense emotional strain or spiritual preoccupation.”
      2. A Difficult Passage (Dt 28:28)

What is demon possession?

      1. The story of the Gadarene Demoniacs (Mt 8:28-34, Mk 5:1-20, Lk 8:26-39)
        1. Living in the tombs
        2. Fierce-Violent-Strong (2Tim 3:1, Mk 5:3-4)
        3. The demonic can speak and speak through the person they inhabit (Mt 8:29)
        4. The demonic can understand the world, and perceive things present (Mt 8:31)
        5. They must submit to Jesus, and must defer to his instruction
        6. They can control the physical actions of creatures, even bringing death to them. (Mt 8:32)
        7. Crying out (Mk 5:5)
        8. Cutting – self-mutilation
        9. Many can reside in the same host (Mk 5:9)
        10. Unclothed (Lk 8:27)
      2. What other effects can demon possession have
        1. Affect the use of normal faculties like Sight and speech, etc. (Mt 9:32-33, 12:22, 17:15-18)
        2. Predict the Future (Act 16:16)
      3. Is it still existant today? (Rev 16:13, 18:2, 1Cor 12:10, 1Jn 4:1)

Why does it matter that Christians recognize the difference

      1. Sometimes people need spiritual relief before they can find medical help
      2. It matters because God has given his church various spiritual gifts one of which is
      3. The Power of Prayer

How are they similar

      1. Both lead people into isolation
      2. Both can lead to violence
      3. Both can seek to destroy human dignity, but demons do it intentionally, while MHD it is a byproduct
      4. In Both it appears the mind is
      5. Both can result in a loss of bodily control,

How are they different [1]

      1. Attraction to vs. Aversion to Religion.
      2. Irrational Speech vs. Rational Speech.
      3. Ordinary Learning vs. Supernatural Knowledge
      4. Strength vs. supernatural strength
      5. How are the sense faculties affected?

How does the gospel bear upon each?

      1. Jesus heals the Demon Possessed and restores their mind to them: (Mk 5:15)
      2. Jesus heals those suffering from biological illness all the time
      3. Jesus is the victor and the Redeemer




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