Good articles for keeping up with culture and politics

Good articles for keeping up with culture and politics

Many of these come from here.  Here are some particularly insightful pages worth reading:

India and New Zealand have granted personhood to rivers.  That is right, those bodies of water that flow to the ocean. They are now officially recognized people, which means that humans can’t interfere with their natural flow.  This piece looks at how such an argument might relate to the abortion and protection of the unborn.

Here is an article on the millennial preference for traditional single earner families where the father works and the mother stays home and cares for the most important resource in society, children.

It’s always good to read something on marriage and keep reminding ourselves of what a good healthy, marriage looks like.  Here is a simple, clear article on this.

Here is a certain amount of polemic, but it is worth noting that both of our major political parties are actually walking to the beat of the same drum instead of different drums.  For those wanting to see why things really don’t change based on who is in control, but rather only the speed of the change quickens or slows down, this might be an insightful piece for you.


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