Congregational Bible Reading for the Week of August 5, 2018

For the Week of Aug 5-August 11, you will notice that our Congregational Bible reading includes 2 additional elements beyond the Psalms.  We will reread a passage from the Belgic Confession on the Apocrypha and continue with an actual Apocryphal book(s) or section each week for the next few weeks in preparation for a sermon later this summer discussing a number of apocryphal works.  Below are links to the texts to read this week:

Psalms 1-14

Belgic Confession Article 6

Apocryphal Book – Letter of Jeremiah

If you would like to read some more of the apocryphal books to prepare for the sermon on August 19, the links may be found in the Congregational Readings for the week of July 22-28.


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