02 Col 1:3-8  Thanking God for other Saints

02 Col 1:3-8  Thanking God for other Saints

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Sermon outline


What is central to your prayers for others?

      1. Is it intercession? –
      2. Or is it thanksgiving? –
      3. If I am honest, intercession gets more time.

Who do we pray to? Praying to God the Father (Col 1:3)

      1. Paul directs his prayer to God the Father.
      2. We pray to the Father b/c he is our provider and protector (HC 26, Rom 8:28)
      3. We also pray to the Father, because he is in league with his Son to redeem a people for himself

2 Reasons Why should be thankful? (Col 1:4)

      1. Reason 1: People believe in Jesus
      2. Reason 2: Their faith is genuinely being displayed as love
      3. The hope of Heaven is motivating this kind of faith and love (Col 1:5, Rom 8:24-25)
        1. What does the hope of heaven consist of? (2Cor 3:11-12, Gal 5:5, 24:15, Col 1:27, Tit 1:2)
        2. Hope is intrinsic to the gospel – the gospel is the hope of heaven
      4. The messenger matters

So if you answered no to any of the questions that have been asked.

      1. Go back and rethink the gospel, refocus on the gospel.


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