06 Deut 12:1-14:21 The Second Commandment unfolded

06 Deut 12:1-14:21 The Second Commandment unfolded

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Sermon outline

How big a deal are worship practices?

Worship only in the one place God chooses (Dt. 12:1-32)

          1. Destroying and eradicating all false religion (Dt. 12:1-4, Isa 21:9)
          2. Worship where God chooses, how God chooses (Dt 12:5-11, 1Kin 12:25ff)
            1. Eat and rejoice before God as entire households (Dt 12:7, 12)
              1. Worshipping and keeping the 2nd commandment was to include
                1. Rejoicing
                2. Family
                3. Workers in the house
                4. Levites – Spiritual workers God had appointed
              2. Regarding eating specifically
                1. In worship (Dt 12:14, 17-18, 21, 26-28)
                2. In regular life, food was to be eaten of many other things but not everything but no blood (Dt 12:15-16, 20, 22-23-25)
              3. Not doing your own thing, but conforming to God’s direction (Dt 12:8)
          3. Warning to obey (Dt 12:28)
          4. NT Parallel
            1. But Jereusalem wasn’t the point, the point was that whereever God’s presence resides, there the people of God are to worship and to see to it that all the other things around them are pointing towards the worship of the one true God.
            2. Worship in spriit and truth
            3. Worship with the church, don’t neglect to gather together
            4. Worship shall still be ajoyful occasion
            5. False worship is still a big deal – syncretism, half-hearted commitments, be careful lest we be the wrong soil.
            6. All of life is holy but eating is not an issue any more.(14:21)

Don’t worship falsely (Dt 12:29-14:2)

          1. Don’t worship false gods (Dt 12:29-32)
          2. Signs and wonders are not to be trusted if they lead you away from devotion to YHWH (13:1-3)
          3. Kill the false prophet and the idolater who entices others and those who worship falsely(Dt 13:5-18
          4. Instead obey and serve and hold fast to him (Dt. 13:4)
          5. The issue is purity – false worship affects everyone around you. (Dt. 14:1-2)
          6. NT Parallels
            1. Worshipping God is stil the great and first command, not pursuing culture, sexual liberty, etc
            2. Christian society should not seek to make it easy for paganism or idolatry to flourish BUT Instead of killing idolaters, we pray for enemies, wage war as Eph says.


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