07 Dt 14:22-16:17 What does all this have to do with the fourth commandment?

07 Dt 14:22-16:17 What does all this have to do with the fourth commandment?

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Sermon outline


What is the 4th commandment? (Dt 5:12-15)

          1. We hear the 4th commandment, and automatically, think what?
          2. But there is more to the 4th commandment than not working and resting.

The Fourth Commandment & Food

          1. Eating to revere (Dt 14:22-23, Mt 4:4, Jn 6:68-69)
          2. Tithes and Rejoicing (Dt 14:24-29
            1. Too much of the legalism of tithing and sabbath keeping seems to miss this point.
            2. Giving as part of the sabbath worship was to bring about rejoicing and sharing with others.
            3. NT Corollary
          3. Firstborn animals and eating them (Dt 15:19-23)
          4. Everything about 4th command and eating was meant to bring rejoicing, reverent awe, thanksgiving, and sharing with other needy people.

The 4th commandment and debt cancellation (Dt 15:1-18)

          1. Note this isn’t debt cancellation carte blanche for every person.
            1. Why not forgive everyone’s debt?
          2. NT Corollary,
            1. First, we could give loans to one another.
            2. Second, we could simple give generously to those in need without expectation of repayment fron the beginning. (2Cor 8:1-5)
            3. Why would we do this? b/c Christ has given us freely what we needed when lost in sin, so that we could be redeemed and find freedom again.

The 4th commandment and Festivals (Dt 16:1-17, HC 103)

          1. The latter 2 were to be especially times fo rejoicing (Dt 16:11, 14)


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