08 Dt 16:18-17:20 The 5th Commandment: Justice, Government, Home and Gospel

08 Dt 16:18-17:20 The 5th Commandment: Justice, Government, Home and Gospel

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Sermon outline


Longing for a Just Society

          1. The longing of people to live in a just society is an ancient longing.
          2. Where did these ideas originate?

Just Judges and Just Officers

          1. Two classes of officials: Judges and Officers (Num 11:16, Dt 16:18)
          2. What are “righteous judgments?” (Dt 16:18, 17:18-20)
            1. Positively this means ruling in accord with God’s ways and desires.
            2. Negatively this means that rulers must not pervert justice, show partiality, or take bribes (Dt 16:19-20)

A Non-idolatrous community is needed for justice to reign (Dt 16:21-17:7)

          1. Judicial proceedings are to begin if the community becomes aware of idolatry.
          2. When many witnesses align in testimony, then the chance for injustice is reduced.
          3. The witnesses must be prepared to bear the consequence of false testimony (Dt 17:7)
          4. For justice to reign, there needs to be a healthy reverence and awe, and respect for the Lord Almighty.
          5. Why have I titled this sermon “The 5th Commandment?”
            1. The home is the place where covenant children are raised to know, love, honor, revere, and even fear the LORD.
            2. The fifth commandment is the tie between one generation and the next to experience freedom, justice, and a life of social righteousness.

Difficult Cases (17:8-20)

          1. The ultimate law of the land is a meeting of the religious and civil leaders in the presence of God who render a decision that will be binding.
          2. Right worship must intersect with civil government for a truly just world to exist.

The Fifth commandment (HC114, WLC 124)

The Gospel

          1. But what does any of this have to do with the Gospel?
          2. We all live in a fallen world.
          3. Does this mean our longing will never be fulfilled?
          4. But we live in a world experiencing redemption.
          5. Jesus is the Judge, the priest, and the king. (Dt 17:12, 18-20)


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