08 Col 1;27-2;5 The Riches of Christ in You

08 Col 1;27-2;5 The Riches of Christ in You

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Sermon outline



        1. You are rich
        2. Recap of Last week

The privileged position of the Saints (Col 1:27, Rom 8:35-39)

The Importance of Proclaiming Christ (Col 1:28-29)

      1. This labor and proclamation of Jesus has two prongs;
        1. Warning aspect
        2. Teaching aspect
      2. Leads to 2 Questions
        1. How does one warn and proclaim with wisdom?
        2. What is maturity? (Col 2:2-4)
          1. Maturity leads to an encouraged heart.
          2. Maturity leads to a loving heart knit to God and others.
          3. Maturity leads to the assurance of salvation.
          4. Maturity keeps on from being deluded.
          5. Maturity leads one to good order (Col 2:5)
          6. Maturity reminds us that all our labor for others and for the gospel is not human powered. It is gospel empowered, Spirit energized labor. (Col 1:29)


Alternate Sermon Outline (Not Preached)

Christ is the Mystery of Glory! (Col 1:27)

        1. It is a relationship
        2. It is filled with the hope of glory (Col 3:4, Lk 9:26)
        3. This mystery is great!
        4. Benefits of the Mystery (Rom 8:35-39)

For whom is this mystery available (Col 1:28, 2:1)

        1. For the Church
        2. The Indwelling presence of Christ is the mystery that Paul labors to disclose
        3. Notice whose strength Paul relies upon (Col 1:29)
          1. And that power and presence are available to people of every tribe and nation, and people and language (Col 1:28, 2:1)
          2. Everyone is far-reaching, which means this mystery is not to be withheld from any
          3. Warning and Teaching must be done with wisdom
        4. The goal is maturity – Christlikeness

How does one participate in this mystery and gain maturity?

        1. Community (Col 2:2-4, 1Cor 12)
        2. Doctrine (Col 2:5)
        3. Faith in Christ (Col 2:5)


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