22 Isaiah 62:1-5, 11-12 Our New Identity

22 Isaiah 62:1-5, 11-12 Our New Identity

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Sermon outline

Who are we?

Why is God acting? (Isa 62:1)

      1. God is acting in his people’s lives because of the disconnect that exists between who they are and who they are to become.
      2. And if we keep our NT theology in view, Then (Jn 3:21, Phil 2:13)

A New Identity

      1. Righteous & Glorious (Isa 62:2)
        1. Prior to the exile, the nations insulted God’s people (2Chr 32)
        2. And that is as true for us as it was for them. (2Cor 3:18, Gal 5:22-23)
      2. A New Name (Isa 62:2)
        1. Names in the Bible are a sign of identity.
        2. NT tells us that some of that new name, but there is more (Rom 9:26, Jn 15:15, Rev 2:17)
      3. A Crown of Beauty in the Hand of the LORD (Isa 62:3)
        1. Our identity is as God’s precious possession
        2. The crown designates God’s rule
        3. As God’s people we are a picture of his sovereign rule, and it is beautiful
        4. That term for beauty is also translated by these words (Isaiah 3;18, 4;2, 13:19, 28:1, 52:1, 60:19)
      4. God’s Delight (Isa 62:4)
        1. World tells us:
        2. Word tells us:
        3. Land being married (Isa 62:5)
        4. God’s eye is fixed upon his people.

How do we get this identity? (Isa 62:11-12)


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