Luke 1;26-38 May God’s plan stand Advent 3

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Sermon outline

If God came and told you his blessing meant worldly contempt…

The Story

      1. Angelic Greeting (Lk 1:28, Mt 27:29, Judg 6:12)
        1. No wonder Mary is troubled greatly
          1. An angel is in front of her
          2. Is this sarcasm?
        2. Do not be afraid Mary for you have found favor with God. (Lk 1:30)
          1. You need not fear my presence, because 2nd time you are in God’s good graces – you are favored.
          2. God is on your side, seeking your best, extending his blessing to you so you can stand, or sit here without terror.
          3. And that is a lesson that extends to all of us in so many situations.
          4. If God is for us, we need not fear anything.
            1. I think that is what allowed the martyrs to go to their death with joyful singing and not terrified and screaming.
            2. They knew that God was on their side
      2. What was God up to? (Lk 1:31-33)
        1. God was raising up a savior
        2. God was getting ready to display his power in human form (Dan 7:21, Neh 9:32, Ps 95:3)
        3. God was raising up an eternal King and Kingdom
      3. Mary’s response (Lk 1:34-38)

Why might Mary have been able to respond as she did?

      1. Was she young and naïve?
      2. Did she know the character of the Lord and was well catechized?


      1. Repent of planning and ease
      2. study and know the Word and the character of God
      3. pray for the Holy Spirit to overshadows us


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