Luke 1:5-25 The Promises we don’t believe  OR Unbelievable promises?

Luke 1:5-25 The Promises we don’t believe  OR Unbelievable promises?

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Sermon outline

Imagine how it would feel:

Zechariah and Elizabeth (Luke 1:5-8)

      1. Righteous-blameless
      2. Barren (Gen 11:30, Judg. 13:2ff, 1Sam 1:2ff)

Zechariah meets the Angel Gabriel (Luke 1:8-20)

      1. Division of Abijah (1Chr 24:1-19)
      2. Incense is a symbol of prayer (Ps 141:2, Rev 5:8, 8:3-4)
      3. Angel appears (Lk 1:11, 19)
        1. Troubled & afraid (Lk 1:13, Jn 5:7)
        2. A Promised Son (Lk 1:13)
          1. As people pray together, God brings revelation!
          2. As Zechariah performs communal worship duties, God answers his personal prayer
          3. A visual picture of answered prayer
          4. Name him God is Gracious
        3. John will have great effects on the world
          1. Finding joy and gladness (Lk 1:14)
          2. Others rejoice (Lk 1:14-15)
          3. Filled with Holy Spirit from conception (Lk 1:15)
        4. John’s Job
          1. Help people return to God (Lk 1:16, Mal 2:6-7, Lk 3:3)
          2. Forerunner of God (Lk 1:17, James 5:17-20)
      4. Zechariah’s Unbelief (Luke 1:18-20)
        1. Zechariah failed to believe
        2. Do you identify?
        3. God’s sense of humor.


      1. Can you be blessed by God while not having all the blessings of the world or the culture you live in?
      2. Does worship need to be incorporated into your prayer and discernment process?
      3. Is there a word from God that you need to believe and step out in faith, awaiting God’s further action?


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