Luke 1:39-56 The Magnificent God of Mary (Advent 4)

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Sermon outline

The Christmas season is normally a time for cheer and joy

      1. Let’s look today at why Mary and Elizabeth worship and rejoice when they meet each other

Reasons for Worshipping the Magnificent God

      1. The Savior has come to (Lk 1:41-44)
      2. Someone believes God (Lk 1:45)
      3. I am saved (Lk 1:47)
      4. I am seen (Lk 1:48)
      5. God has done great things (Lk 1:49)
      6. God is holy (Lk 1:49)
      7. God’s mercy (Lk 1:50)
      8. God’s Strength (Lk 1:51)
      9. God is turning things upside down (Lk 1:51-53)
      10. God is faithful to his word (Lk 1:54-55)



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