Psalm 7 Prayer of one false accused

Psalm 7 Prayer of one false accused

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Sermon outline


A Cry to God from one accused (Ps 7:1-9)

          1. Have you ever been falsely accused?
          2. Were you at a loss for how to respond?
          3. Psalm 7 gives us an example of how David handled a false accusation.
          4. What does this prayer entail:
            1. Confident Confession of God’s ability to protect (Ps 7:1-2, Rev 12:10).
            2. Bold Assertion of Innocence and invitation to punishment if guilty (Ps 7:3-5).
            3. Call for God to Judge (Ps 7:6-9).

Our Trust in God’s Response (Ps 7:10-13)

            1. Do we believe this? (Rom 12:19)

The fruit of evil (Ps 7:14-16, James 1:14-15)

Praise the Righteous God (Ps 7:17)



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