Psalm 8 What is man that God is mindful of him?

Psalm 8 What is man that God is mindful of him?

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Sermon outline


Apollo 11 Goodwill Greetings[1]

        1. Sample Greetings
        2. Pope Paul VI ‘s greeting
        3. Psalm 8
          1. A choral piece to be sung as a prayer
          2. Relation to Ps 81 and 84.

God’s majesty and might (8:1–2)

        1. The Psalm begins and ends with a repeated refrain (Ps 8:1)
          1. The LORD is a God who makes covenants with his people, who can be counted on and depended upon
          2. God’s name is majestic
        2. Also a God who works in ways that are different (Isa 55:8, Ps 8:2
          1. First David declares that from babies and infants God establishes strength (Mt 21:16, 11:25, 19:14, Lk 10:21, 2Cor 12:10)

Humanity’s sense of insignificance (Ps 8:3–4)

God’s role for mankind (Ps 8:5-8)

        1. A little lower than the gods
        2. A Ruler over God’s Creation (Isa 32:1)
          1. This means that humans have a responsibility to steward and care for creation – endangered animals, critical species, care for the oceans, forest stewardship, pollution control, all of these are part of the vision of the redeemed.
        3. Concluding praise (Ps 8:9).

Hebrews 2 applies this Psalm to Jesus (Heb 2:5-9)

        1. Jesus is the man God is mindful and attentive to.
        2. Jesus is the man who rules over everything.
        3. Jesus’ humble sacrificial rule brings grace to those who will come like little children and sing his praise.

[1] From WBC-Psalms and


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